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We are flexible, whether you need a full design and build service, a new extension, have a refurbishment project or just need a bathroom or kitchen renovation - itís a service to suit you. No matter what the project is, we work just as hard to meet your goals, because we hope you will use us again and recommend us to other people.

   Service Stages

1. Concept Feasibility Phase

2. Planning Design Phase

3. Building Permits

4. Construction Phase

5. Handover and Use

MZDC provides construction documents which may* include the following:
* Certain documents to be delivered upon clientís decision only, such as the 3-Dimensional drawing, furniture layouts, etc.

Architecture Drawings

  • Layout of site location and site depicting access points, building setback lines and landscaping

  • Drawing set including Plans, Elevations, Building Sections, Door-Window Schedule, Details and Specifications of the building

  • Drawing set of the interiors including Plans, Elevations, Furniture Layouts, Power and Communication locations, Lighting drawings and Specifications

  • Axonometric drawings illustrating the 3-Dimensional form of the development

Structural Drawings supported by design calculation

  • Foundation Plan with footing and column schedules

  • Structural framing layouts and sections with supporting wood structural elements, steel and reinforced concrete cement (R.C.C) details, joists and connection drawings, roof trusses and decking

  • Section drawings of individual elements with bolt, cleat, plate location and other connection relevant details

  • Quantity estimation with measurement sheet


 Electrical Drawings

  • Layouts for lighting showing different Lighting fixture, Egress and Emergency Lighting, Occupancy Sensors etc
    Power Layout Plan showing Receptacles, Refrigerator, Microwave, Freezer, Ice Machine, Cabinet Heater, Coffee Machine etc

  • Luminaries, Power Equipments, and Devices counts

  • Terminations Diagrams and Control Circuits

  • LV/HV electrical devices

  • Panel Schedule and Material List

  • Access Control / CCTV / Telecommunication /System Integration / PA Systems

HVAC and Plumbing Drawings

  • Load Calculation for HVAC

  • Duct Design and Layout

  • Pipe sizing and Layout

  • Equipment selection and Layout

  • Schedule for Equipments

  • Diagram showing details of plumbing accessories and connection to plumbing fixtures

  • Domestic Hot / Cold Water System

  • Sanitary Drainage and Vent Diagram

Concept Feasibility Phase

Planning & Design Phase

Building Permits Phase

Construction Phase

Handover and Use


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MZDC Builder, LLC (Turn-Key Design & Construction Group)
6100 Cheshire Dr.
Bethesda, MD 208142

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