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The essence of the design/build concept is the idea that quality, completion dates and costs can be brought under control by assigning total responsibility for all these factors to one single entity: the design/builder.

This concept is a very popular approach, where architects, engineers, designers, estimators, and construction professionals design and build to client’s needs within his budget. This complete turnkey solution is offering to clients a move-in, ready for immediate use.

It is the most collaborative approach to project delivery which allows for maximum creativity, innovation, and value-engineering throughout the process. It is the only project delivery method with a single-point of responsibility, where both the cost and schedule are clearly defined early in the process. This concept allows establishing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

If you are considering a Turn-key Design/Build concept or interested in renovation project, please contact MZDC today at 202-243-8336 or via e-mail, and we can put our team of experts to work for you!

MZDC turn-key process will include the following:


  • Conduct weekly design meetings with the owner

  • Prepare and issue design meeting minutes.

  • Prepare budget estimates

  • Submit the approved by the client plans for permits and approvals.

  • Run the Complete construction process

  • Pass all official inspections

Landscaping to include planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, as well as installation of non-load-bearing slabs, walkways and areas using concrete, brick, stone, or gravel; wooden decks; and decorative garden walls, in accordance with preliminary consultations with client and designers.

Concept Feasibility Phase

Planning & Design Phase

Building Permits Phase

Construction Phase

Handover and Use


Cell: 202-243-8336

MZDC Builder, LLC (Turn-Key Design & Construction Group)
6100 Cheshire Dr.
Bethesda, MD 208142

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